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Why Choose Wassapgains?

Why Wassapgains Is The Best

Saves Time & Effort

With wassapgains, your status views will grow rapidly and you will never download duplicate contact.

Automatic & AntiBan

It is automatic so you don't have to message people before they save your number. It also has antiban features.

24/7 Support

Wassapgains work 24/7 in order to serve its users consistently.


Upgrade your account to premium with just ₦500


Features of Premium Plan


It is a monthly subscription plan, Recommended for Businesses, WhatsApp Medias or Tv's, Brands, Personalities etc.. You would have access to the VCF files as many times as possible within the month and would be required to make payment monthly.

Special characters

Your name can have spaces, any kind of special character or emojis.

No length limit

Your name does not have length limit, can be very long.

No WG Suffix

Your name will not have "WG" suffix.

Editable Profile

You can edit your profile anytime you wish to.

Not Free

The Subscription fee is ₦500 per month.

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Features Of Free Plan


It is a One day Trial Plan, Recommended for personal use only. You would have access to download the VCF files only once then you would be required to switch to the premium plan.


Your name can't have space, can't have any special character apart from letters or numbers.


Your name can't be more than 6 characters in length.


Your name will have "WG" suffix eg. John WG.


You can't edit your profile.


It is Totally Free.

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Benefits of Having Alot of Status Views.

  • More popularity = More money.
  • More interesting statuses to view.
  • More sales for business owners.
  • More people get to know about you and your business.
  • If you're self employed, you can have better opportunities.
  • Helps you discover new sources of income.
  • Helps you find more interesting people like you.

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